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Commercial Brick Building in Orlando, FL

This commercial business building in Orlando, FL really needed a pick me up on its brick exterior. There were many cracks and gaps in between the bricks that needed repair and sealing. Our team of professional painters knew exactly what to do in order to give this building a beautiful new exterior finish. Following the sealing of the cracks with the highest quality masonry sealer and conditioner ensured that the paint job would last for years to come. The sealer and conditioner wraps the building in a thin film that holds down any dusting or chalking from the stone and also further seals the cracks preventing water penetration, which can damage the building and the paint finish. Two coats of high quality paint are always applied which guarantees true solid color and a long lasting finish. The paint we choose has moisture and mold resistant qualities which is essential in this Florida climate with high humidity almost year round. Maintaining the exterior of your place of business is important because it conveys the impression that your business is successful, inviting, and responsible. A Painters Touch LLC loves improving our community and the businesses within it, so we encourage local business owners to protect, maintain, and beautify their properties. If your commercial building or business needs an exterior refresh, make sure to call the experienced painters at A Painters Touch LLC for your free estimate at 407-218-0625.

Photos of Commercial Brick Building in Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

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