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Painting St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Orlando, FL

Painting St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Orlando, FL

A Painters Touch is so excited to have been chosen to paint this beautiful and historical church. Containing many antique and valuable decorations, this church is very beautiful. However, with such unique and permanently placed objects, extensive preparation and care is needed when painting. Our experienced and professional painters knew exactly how to do the job without damaging any of the murals, paintings, and the alter/sanctuary area. They even were able to paint the 25 foot high ceilings which had incurred stains from previous water damage that had since been repaired. A paint sprayer was used to coat the ceilings in a bright white paint while avoiding any overspray or drips. The wainscoting on the walls of the chapel and the entry ways had taken some wear and tear over the years, so two news coat of fresh white paint really refreshed and beautified their appearance. Painting around the murals in the sanctuary and the stained glass windows required much attention to detail and care which only the professionals at A Painters Touch could provide. A high quality paint from Sherwin Williams with zero VOC's provides a gorgeous finish and coverage without any harmful and unpleasant odors that are usually associated with fresh paint. A Painters Touch feels honored to be chosen to paint such a beautiful church! If your business or home needs a refresh on its paint, know that you can trust us no matter how complex or delicate the job may be. Contact us at 407-218-0625 or put in a request form on our website for your free estimate today!


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