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A Solution for Exterior Peeling Paint in Orlando, FL

A Solution for Exterior Peeling Paint in Orlando, FL

Does your home or business have areas where the paint is peeling or chipping off? This can be caused by poor quality paint, humidity, or simply aging over time. The experienced and professional team at A Painters Touch LLC remedies peeling paint with a thoroughly detailed process. The process begins by first pressure washing with a turbo tip to remove the majority of the peeling paint. The peeling areas are then sanded to smooth the rough edges, and any areas that need repair are patched. An application of Loxon Masonry Conditioner and Sealer before painting seals any imperfections and holds down the old paint to prevent further peeling. This step is essential for a long lasting paint job where peeling paint was previously present. Two coats of high quality Sherwin Williams paint and a 6 year warranty on the paint job really seals the deal and completes the process so you don't have to worry about that peeling paint ever again! A Painters Touch LLC is proud to offer the highest quality exterior painting services in Central Florida.


Orlando, FL

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