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Stucco Crack Sealing in Orlando, FL

stucco painting in orlando

Did you know our exterior painting service includes sealing of all stucco cracks on your exterior in our painting services? Many houses develop cracks on the exterior due to settling of the structure over time. The soil in Florida that homes are built upon is some of the most likely soil in the nation to cause settling of your home, further causing settlement cracks. Our professional painters go over every inch of the exterior searching for cracks and sealing them with high quality elastomeric caulking. This caulking flexes and stretches with your home as it settles further, delivering long-lasting protection for your home. Following up with Loxon Masonry Conditioner and Sealer completely seals the home and helps the new coat of paint adhere better. The process isn't pretty, but the results are a smooth, crack-free exterior with a beautiful and long-lasting paint job. We also include painting of the exterior doors and the garage door as part of our exterior painting services. If your Tampa, Orlando, or Central Florida home or business is showing settlement cracks or simply needs a refresh on its exterior paint job, contact A Painters Touch - We do the job right from start to finish.


Orlando, FL

If you need a professional painting contractor for your project in Orlando, please call 407-218-0625 or complete our online request form.