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Reasons Why You Should Have Your Popcorn Ceiling Removed

interior painting orlando fl Do you still have popcorn ceilings in your home? While these particular types of ceilings were once the standard style and considered an excellent way to construct a building, they have been falling further and further out of style in recent years. They were great at one time for the bright, strong qualities they had, and they could also help to reduce the amount of noise from bouncing around and moving outside the room. Unfortunately, there are also a host of disadvantages to having this particular type of ceiling that have only become more apparent over the years. Having a professional come out and remove your home's popcorn ceiling is a good decision as a homeowner as it helps to improve the interior look of your home, and also protect you and your family from some of the more significant problems associated with this ceiling type. To help you with the decision of whether or not you should begin looking for a new ceiling type, we have put together this short list of important reasons removing the popcorn ceiling from your home is a good decision.


If your home was built before 1978, it is highly possible that your popcorn ceiling contains asbestos, which can cause serious health issues if you disturb any of the particles. The process of spraying on the textured popcorn ceiling involved applying coatings that contained asbestos. Because you might not be able to determine the exact date which your popcorn ceiling was installed, you should go ahead and assume that it contains asbestos, especially since even popcorn ceilings installed in the 1980's contained it as well. If you leave the ceiling undisturbed, chances are that it won't pose any health risks, but if you disturb or damage the surface you could easily wind up with asbestos fibers flying into the air in your home. Once these fibers become airborne, it's possible to breath them in, potentially causing lung cancer, mesothelioma, or asbestosis. You should always have a professional come in and test for lead prior to removal, which could indicate asbestos, and have it taken care of by an expert.

Difficult To Paint

The extreme texture of a popcorn ceiling, with its deep ridges and valleys, can make it incredibly difficult to paint. The most common technique for painting a ceiling is going to involve a roller on an extension handle, but with a popcorn ceiling, the paint roller doesn't have the sufficient nap to effectively apply paint to all of these uneven ridges. This means that best other viable option is to paint the ceiling by hand with a paint brush. As anyone who has ever hand painted a large surface can tell you, it is quite a labor intensive, and time consuming, job.

Harder To Repair & Maintain

Despite what you may think, a popcorn ceiling does require regular maintenance to keep it from looking worn and dingy. Because of all of the crevices and recesses in the ceiling texture, it can easily become dusty and dirty. To keep your ceiling clean, you will often have to get a step ladder and a brush attachment for your vacuum, and brush the ceilings to remove dust and dirt. However, you have to be extremely careful when performing this kind of cleaning, as if you disturb any of the popcorn textures, you could be releasing asbestos into the air. It is extremely important that if any damage to the popcorn texture of your ceiling occurs, you should contact a professional for assistance due to the risk of asbestos contamination.

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